מילות השיר

Life is mountain we must climb
We don't have forever
Just the time
He gives us
Get to the top if you can
This is the challenge of man

Yes, you may fall and tumble down
Sometimes that happens when you dare
knowing you, my child
You'll pic yourself up
And start again from there

Keep climbing
Don't let nothing stand in your way
Keep believing
Pay no attention to what they say
Up is where you wanna go
It's dark and lonely
Down below

Keep fighting
This is one fight you won't regret
Keep believing
You're got what it takes, don't forget
Up is where you belong
It's where your soul will find her song

Be sure that you take one step at a time
Remember that surrender
Is the road to nowhere
Be proud of how far you're come
You said
It couldn't be done

So dig and breathe out
There's more to climb
To give up now would be
Such an awful shame
Give it all you got my child
You don't wanna lose
All that you have gained

Bridge: there's no thrill when standing still
But thee is a way when there is a will
Touch the divine
Continue to climb

נוסף ע"י

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